Here are some of my favorite videos.


A skit I wrote about sunburns. May 2014.

“Commissioner Conditioner”

A flash cartoon that I made about Batman’s hair. March 2016.

“Welcome To My Channel”

My YouTube channel trailer, with original music by me. March 2014.

“Big Announcement”

I try to get my subscriber count up to my favorite number: 311. August 2014.

“Netboyz 6.9”

A video I made for a class project. August 2014.

“Tater Thoughts”

A trailer for a blog I did about potatoes. September 2016.

“Mantis Mountain”

A flash cartoon about a rollercoaster. August 2016.

“Bumper To Bumper”

A sketch I wrote with my comedy partner Michael.

“BBC Nightly Stews”

A video I made for a class project. December 2014.